A silent chap in a crowded room
And that is how you caught my eye,
Flat damp hair from your morning shower
And the bitter sweet smell of a newly pressed shirt,
You folded those sleeves as you fiddled with your hair
And helped yourself to a cup of tea,
An unconscious smile crept up my face
And made me blush like a new found love,
But all of a sudden you looked at me
And started at me for twelve full seconds,
My heart beat raced as every second passed
And had me dying when you gave a smile,
That was all my heart ever wanted,
For me to dream our happily ever after!

The little things

The hot cup of coffee
On your bed side table,
The never ending fight
To make it first to the shower,
The ride to the bus stop
Though it’s only a five minute walk,
The gentle nod from the driver
Just before you get to your seat,
The fake taunt from your guard
When you leave your office late,
The friend who waits patiently
Till you board the bus safe,
The window seat on an empty bus
While the speaker plays your favourite old song,
The quick shower before the dinner
When the aroma of hot food fills the air,
And finally that one good night text
Before you snuggle under your warm quilt,
Could life be any better?!

The Spring

It was winter when it all started,
The storm, the hiccups,
The pain, the drain.
We locked ourselves up
Peeping through the windows,
Waiting for a sign that the storm’s long gone.
The nights were the hardest
With nothing left to shine,
And warm those souls which had turned stone cold.

But, one Monday morning,
I saw a yellow flower
Smiling through the sunshine slowly glaring ’em all.
It spoke of all those cold nights
And all the storms’ it’s seen
Also of the sunshine that’s now blinding me.

It taught me what is patience
And what it means to be
The one to endure all to see the light it brings.
The spring is now here
And the storm is long gone,
But now, let’s sing of the spring before it falls!


I woke up and ran a mile a day
Just so I could see your smile
As you jogged by me in style.

It was just a second
Nothing more nothing less
But just enough to run my day.

I knew your stop
And every time the train would halt
My heart would do a somersault.

Sometimes black sometimes white
At times grey and it’s hue
You wore ’em right to drive my blues.

And suddenly now
I see you not
In search of you I skipped my stop.

I now know it sounds all lame
And may seem like a silly game
But trust me, love when I say,
You made be blush like my high school flame!


The dawn of life
On a mid-summer day
The rays of sun blinding our sight.
Wasn’t our first to watch this view
But, months inside felt like years
Giggles and smiles over a cup of tea
Cos now all could meet though not free
Some warm tight hugs
With a hopeful smile
Cos no words could fill
The silence of the past!

This one is about a hopeful tomorrow when life would rise and resume in all its glory. I know it has been an extremely difficult time for people all around the world. For now let’s all hope for a better tomorrow!

For when it all ends,
The foes of now would then be our friends!

Dream Tunnel

The soft hushing winter wind,
And the silhouette of a hooting owl,
Hearing them, I lay awake
Putting together the broken dreams.

By stalling the thoughts of tomorrow,
And brushing away the yesterday’s,
Staring at the ceiling, I lay awake, watching it all blur.

Sleep stayed afar, while dreams ran so wild.
Neither did the mind trick nor did the heart play;
They remained silent, together, for once!

The hand didn’t shiver,
The body didn’t ache,
Smiling through tardied blinks, I lay awake, living the dead.

The tears didn’t have to hide,
Lips didn’t have to be pursed,
Breathing my last, I lay awake, owning the night, for once!


I saw myself falling,
But couldn’t pick me up!
It wasn’t the doubt’s burden,
For it was the voice of wise.
Life shouldn’t be a game,
Between the birth and death;
Or was it just “my” notion,
To have a world so fair.
If trying is all that’s needed,
You and I would’ve lived;
A dream of crown and castles,
In a world of wisdom and wit.
I call this all a satire,
As I now pick rags!
Of those very scriptures,
Which taught me life was fair.

Lost in a crowd

Stranded on the sea,
With known but unknown;
Soul wants to yell,
But the waves surpass the cries!
Laughter all around,
But not a single smile;
Of love, trust and care,
To heave a relieved sigh!
The eyes search for help,
But not a soul to trust;
Will the dreams turn a nightmare,
That I, now sleep to death!

The disheveled grave

Burn some sage to cleanse, they say
Also, Try and pray to not fray away,
The one above knows the best
Do some good and leave the rest.

Oh, thy words sound so good
Like the world thee so dreamt,
A flicker of hope in the end
On a no moon night in the wood.

But, there’s no wood left, no food left
Just a bunch of nomads bereft,
Thou land is now a rubble of bones
Of love, dream and hopes, to mourn.

If grave, they say, is a holy place
Of all those men who leave a trace,
Who will dig the holy trail
When all men die, young and frail.

What if…

What if I was the one
Jumping floors
Asking people to leave
Rushing them to their dear ones

What if I was the one
Left in the burning building
Smiling with a teary eye
Bidding a final good bye

What if I was the one
Rushing to the graveyard
To pick up what’s left
Of the burning memories

What if I was the one
To paint the walls
Of our future dreams
With blood and ashes

What if I was the one
To go running back
To “the burning house”
Which was once our home

What if..what if… what if!!

Well, I wish I were you
For I wouldn’t have had
To relive your death
Every day till my final breath!

We all would have had a “what if” moment in our lives atleast once, where we would replay the same scene with a different scenario in our heads, just wondering how better things would have turned out. Recently I watched this series called “This is us” where one of the lead characters would replay a particular incident of his life, in his head. It’s a scene where his father dies from a cardiac arrest after saving his family from a house fire. The son wonders how their lives would have turned out had he stopped his dad from going inside the burning house to rescue their dog. Just with that one single question, he had to face his own demons, every single day, for the rest of his life; wondering “What if?!”

I couldn’t get the scene out of my head for a really long time. So, this one is for all those who love “This is us”!