A mother’s curse

A wretched soul,
A hungry mom,
Death of two all at once.
You fed them pines
And named them fruits,
Left the mom to die in rue!
She trusted you
And asked for food
But you killed her in her motherhood?!
What a guise in the name of man,
To preach and pray and call her God
And smear an ash as you burn her corpse!
Dreams you see,
Aren’t always fine.
They shall hunt and haunt you all your life!
The one you slayed, oh vile man,
Was a hungry mom,
Which blessed your hands.
Her helpless cries to save her child
Shall haunt your nights
Till your throats go dry!
You would whine and weep
And drop your knees
Pleading death to end your plight!
But all your men
Would watch you die
And sing and dance as you cry!


Hello guys! So, something terrible happened this week! A news spread like a wildfire stating people fed a cracker filled pineapple to an elephant and killed it! This took place in Kerala, a place where we worship elephants, at the same time treat them as our own! There are two different versions of the same story! One said, a farmer had kept the pineapple to ward away wild boars from ruining his crops, when accidentally the pregnant elephant stepped in and consumed it! On the other side, it says the elephant was tricked into eating the pineapple by the locals! I don’t know which version to believe. We people tend to spread hate so quickly that we don’t even analyse what has happened! What happened to that poor mother is extremely sad! It is wrong! No arguments whatsoever! But, if it was an accident, and wasn’t intentional at all, I want you guys to understand that a sad news has been intentionally turned into a communal problem! The news channels without even investigating have spread news and led a mass hatred flow to the whole of Kerala! I do not say what happened was right; but if the news holds very little truth to it, I just wish you guys stand up for that too and not hide! If the locals had really fed it to the pregnant elephant, I wish they spend sleepless nights with the mother’s screams haunting them forever! You know what’s more painful than death, when everybody around wants you dead and the haunting of that thought! I wish those vile humans have nightmares for life! But, if it’s not the truth, I wish people stop targetting a particular community and the whole of Kerala for this!

20 thoughts on “A mother’s curse

  1. This poem is a tribute to them🥺( Amazing work Aishwarya)
    My heart has shattered and broken.
    The perpetrators need to be punished.
    Shame on humans..!!
    And the title… nothing can be more apt than this.

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  2. I wish they would stop targeting the entire state too. Recently, it has been reported that it may even be a pineapple. The poor elephant was an accidental victim. But the idea of setting traps with explosives is very cruel and blatant indeed.


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