The dream

I dreamt my life being sorted,

And I wished to pause that dream,

But the time could never be frozen,

Or the stream that changed its course.

I dreamt of clear sky,

And stars that could brighten my night,

But the dream got suddenly clouded,

And the tears began to pour.

I dreamt of greeny garden,

And bees that buzz on flowers,

But the dream turned pale and scarlet,

For came the season of fall.

I dreamt of lands without border,

And wars that needn’t be fought,

But the dream turned into a nightmare,

As cannons began to be launched.

I dreamt of having a dream,

And running behind it to win,

But the dream remained a dream,

Cos, in my land it’s a sin to dream.

I dreamt of men without disease,

And sadness that could be cured,

But my dream at once got plagued,

As I slipped into the sleep of death!

29 thoughts on “The dream

    1. True that! But, we never know what the dream holds! Few get so trapped inside, they forget what the reality holds! Maybe the spring covers the damage the fall had done to these souls! Thank you for always sharing your thoughts. Helps me think!❤️

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