Your end, my loss!

Death is inevitable. No doubt! But, do we have to take that one last step and fall into the pit hole? Though a part of me has made peace with death, there’s the other half cribbing and crying over the loss of a human, at times close, or just somebody I’ve seen only once or someone I’ve heard so much about but never really met! You see, we never know how a person could influence our life just with their smallest gesture! What do I miss the most, the person or their words or their stories?! We all yearn for a fairy tale and when we find somebody who had lived one earning everything from scratch, we tend to connect to that human in some way or another! And their loss could make us feel as if we’ve lost our own! So many people around us talk about mental health and try to mitigate the stigma around it. But still we tend to patronise the ones who come for help saying we’re also in the same ship and it’s fine to be not okay! We forget that we never really know how much deep their ship has sunk when they approach us! If any sane person, with high intellectual capacity, who has worked their way up to fame and still stayed grounded has taken such a huge step, they should have a really compelling reason behind it. We never know the demons they had fought! Committing suicide is a foolish step, I agree. But, if a person has been driven to that extent that he is ready to lose everything in a jiff, and end all his pain once and for all, then we might have to really think about the problem more than the step itself! To all the lovely ones reading this, there might be hard days. It might even go for months! But, if you’re comfortable enough to share your grief and demons with me, I’m right here to fight them with you! I promise! I’ll be with you and listen to you with no judgements whatsoever! I would rather be with you than with your memory!


Note: Sushant Singh Rajput, one of the finest actors, has committed suicide! I have admired him, and more than anything respected him! He was extremely knowledgeable and gave everything the benefit of doubt! His last film was about suicide prevention and him taking such a step which would defy his motive is something my mind can’t process! They cite depression as the reason for his death. It could be anything. It might be depression or it might not be suicide at all. I don’t know. But, I think it’s important we speak about suicide and depression right now, because a lot of us are confined to a closed space for months together and we have nothing much to think or do! It might affect our mental health and if it does, I want you to know that I’m here to support you and pull you out!❤️

29 thoughts on “Your end, my loss!

  1. This is a positive approach. Suicide is not the solution for problems in life. You wanted many things from life, name and fame, money, love, relationship and all other worldly things. Once you get everything, you find yourself alone. You want to get something else but not sure what do you want. You want peace but with all the worldly things around you, there is no place for peace. Then you can’t sleep and become obsessed with life. You think, life is meaningless. You end your life because life has become painful. Life is not painful but your way of life has made it painful. Think over it. Have you ever helped the poor and needy? Have you ever prayed and believed in God? Life is meaningless if you do everything for you only and it is meaningful if you do service to others. It gives immense pleasures. Love and trust may deceive you but God will never let you down. Believe in God and fulfill your commitments of life.

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  2. Ending one’s life is never a solution. I’m also deeply moved by the news. I still can’t believe how a sensible and intelligent person like him dared to take this extreme step.

    I greatly appreciate your act of willing to help the depressed, Aishwarya!

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    1. Thank you Anisha!❤️ I agree. Suicide is never the solution! It’s just the thought of how somebody who had voiced out for suicide prevention do something that would turn all this into an irony that baffles me!


  3. I guess his suicide has created an impact on lives of one and all.. And again those topics that we refrain from discussing have come into lime light once again… I also wrote a similar post. Would love if you could review that. ❤️🌼

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