I fear living,
I fear death,
I fear my being with every breath.

I fear sunshine,
I fear moon,
I fear breathing be it day or noon.

I fear the rise,
I fear the fall,
I fear fighting to end up losing all.

I fear the talks,
I fear the mocks,
I fear to be nothing but a laughing stock.

I fear to sleep,
I fear to wake,
I fear to lose everything at stake.

I fear to love,
I fear to hate,
I fear to give in to my gruesome fate.

But, there’s something I don’t fear!
I fear not to cry,
I fear not to smile,
I fear not to write to my heart’s might!

11 thoughts on “Fears

  1. Your poem was beautiful. The words in your post, I could tell that they were from you heart. May I ask what inspired you to write this blog?


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