Oh, my moon!

//• Nilaave vaa, selaadhe vaa •//

I lie beneath the stars,
Awaiting to catch a glimpse;
With every passing cloud
Floats every memory we shared!

The distance between us
Grows with fleeting time,
But all the memories I hold
Has tied my heart to yours!

The eyes behold your smile,
That you once shared.
Now that we are miles apart,
I doubt if it was just a mirage!

Oh my lovely moon, can’t you stay tonight?
The night is pretty young,
So are our thumping hearts!
Will it hurt to wait till the angry clouds part?!


This is one of the many songs I grew up listening to! Sung by one of the greatest voices of all time, our very own SPB! One of the many losses of 2020. I still can’t believe he’s not with us today, nevertheless his voice shall soothe the broken hearts for years to come! Thank you Sreekanthan for suggesting this song!

P.S. : The insta reel link for the ones who haven’t heard the song is right below! 😉

Nilaave vaa

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