Trails of the past

//• Apur payer chhap •//

Far away at a distance,
I could hear the rail tracks shift
Giving us hopes
About an unfinished past!

The wind still carries
The scent of our homes
And of those people
Who once filled our hearts!

The road ahead is longer
Than the walls of our street,
And the sky above is clouded
With the sorrows of our men!

I could see a trail
In this ghosted town,
Which carry tunes
Of the time foregone!

The memories stay buried
Inside dust strewn closets,
Reminiscing now and then
About the happy old times.

The eyes still await
To read letters from our men,
Where words aren’t erased
By the tears of our past!


I had a few Bengali songs in my mind, but this one reminds me of the quaint buzzing Calcutta, where people moved from their natives to this City of Joy to make a living there! Try listening to it some time. And here goes the insta reel link – Apur Payer Chhap

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