Mistress of mystery

//• Mukkathe penne •//

Oh, the dame of mysteries!
You just fill the void in me.

I see the Sun, rise and set
In that doe-shaped eyes of yours!

Like a glass that reflects light,
The letters you pen reflect your heart!

You are my poem, you are my muse,
You are that one thing I dread to lose!

You are my moon, you are my star,
You are the feather that soothes my scar!

Oh, the dame of mysteries!
Would you like to share my dream?

It has sunsets, it has rain,
And has no rules to be sane!

In this stardust land of dreams,
You are my religion, you’re my God!

And no one sheds a drop of blood,
To see us drenched in the rain of love!


Yet another favourite of mine! I was alternating between Mukkathe penne and Kaathirinnu, wondering which one to write and finally settled with this! Also, feel free to suggest your favourite songs. And here goes the reel link – Mukkathe penne

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