Frozen memory

Slipping through fingers
Like quicksand,
Rummaging through memories
To hold on,
With the heart skipping a beat
Fearing to have lost,
Every moment and every person
To the sky and the stars!
Penning verses and painting pictures
For the mind and world,
To remember every smile,
And every reason behind the extra mile!
Can the mind be trusted
Like the verses from the scripture,
Can the memory be frozen
Like the smile in the picture?
That dress, that perfume,
That laughter, that tear;
What do I hold on to
For my heart to remember
Every piece of you?!


Heya! Hope you’re all doing good. So, this morning, I watched a stand-up comedy by Rajasekhar Mammidana. All through the video, he was cracking jokes about his mother and suddenly he revealed how his mother is now just a memory! It broke me and hit me hard. As I have mentioned before, death is a concept I cannot make peace with. He ended his video with a line, “Art is how we immortalize people we love” and I feel there’s nothing truer than this! Aren’t we all just stories and poems, and, paintings and pictures?! There’s always this familiar tune, familiar fragrance but we just can’t put a finger on, but a part of us know it reminds us of someone dear; and how I wish we could freeze everything about a person before days turn into years and people turn into memories!

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