The quaint town

I often think
About the faded days
And all of it comes back
Clear as day!

Penniless pockets,
Oaths and vows,
Growling tummies
And an empty stove!

The buzzing tea shop
Where I spent my days
And the empty bus stop
That gave me shade!

That random stranger
Who gave me work,
And the grumpy old man
Who quenched my thirst!

The endless sky
That heard my tales,
And the angry clouds
That hid my wails!

That godly land
That helped me stand,
And that heavy heart
When I had to part!

When you speak of bridges and call ’em home,
All of it comes rushing back,
Cos that hidden town beyond the hills
Will be all my heart could ever own!


Heya! All of us know somebody who would have spent all their lives at a place and all of a sudden moved to an unknown country or state, knowing neither the language nor the people, building a home from scratch! Recently, my dad was telling me how he never dreamt he would move out of Calcutta and settle somewhere in the South and this got me thinking! I have lived all my life in this buzzing city and I’ll never know if I’ll get to spend the rest of whatever’s left over here. And if I ever leave, will I call this or that new place my home?! Also, a few days back I watched this movie called “The Illegal” and it made me wonder how a stranger becomes family while building a future out of the known! And this makes me feel, we are nothing but parts of those strangers who leave a trail in our hearts!

TLDR: Ubuntu! I am cos you are!

5 thoughts on “The quaint town

  1. I lived most of my life in one place, then moved to Vancouver in 2012, lived there for 4 years, and I’ve lived the past 5 years in a city called Calgary.

    And I’m starting to wonder, would I call any of these places home?

    So I know how you feel.

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