Run wild, my child!

Balloons and roses
Bushes and swings
All have been waiting
For the love, you would bring!

With the swift of your movement
Your future is dreamt
Soccer or swimming
Which one would it be?!

Pet names and surnames
All have been fixed,
If you could name you
What would you pick?

Before spellings and letters,
Wordings are penned
Before the gazes
Our voices befriend!

All are on toes
To show you what’s love,
So the choices you make
Have no whys and hows!

Your life is a canvas,
And people, your paint
Paint ’em in all shades
Be it a dark stroke or faint!


Hey guys! Hope everything’s fine at your end. So, this one is for the little one my sister is expecting this July! I’m thrilled, excited and everything which I can’t put into words. So, a few weeks back I threw my sister a baby shower and we had some fun games. One of it had us all guessing baby names and I wondered how would it be if the baby could pick one by itself! When a little one is brought into this world, it is a product of choices by people around it. From naming the kid to planning it’s career, from picking clothes to planning it’s schooling, every decision is ours! But, with the little one ready to pop, I want some of these, if not all to change! I want it to be surrounded by love, where his/her choices are respected, where there’s nothing but kindness around. Hope we could make this a better place, for they could make it an even better one!❤️

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