The monster under my bed

Crawling to the center,
Covering all sides,
The light from the lampshade
Staying all night!
One, two, and four
Knocks I hear below,
It’s my turn to hide
And never once to seek!
I sleep with lights on
And turn my fan off,
But wake up crouched down
With the fan blowing up!
I stay up all night
Crawling up in fright,
Then I go to bed
And end up drenched in sweat!
How I wished then
For the wind to blow me up,
So I could go to sleep
And get me some peace!
Maybe, the monster under my bed
Wanted me to rest,
With a little less fret
And a little less dread!
And maybe that’s why
It switched my fan on
So I could dream about
The friendly monster in town.


Heya! Fun fact time – This one is actually based on a true story. I usually sleep only in the morning, but then, a couple of months ago, I had just got done with my exams and was on a small break. So, I used to sleep around 1-2 am. I prefer sleeping without the fan, cos my sinusitis wouldn’t let me sleep otherwise (rolling eyes emoji)! One day, I woke up sneezing only to find my fan switched on. I was extremely annoyed and asked my parents if they had anything to do with it. Well, they said no! :/ I just convinced myself I would have switched it on in the middle of the night. So, the next day before going to bed I made sure the fan was off, and voila the next morning I again woke up with the fan running on full speed! I was so done with it and begged to the nothingness in the air above (cos I love speaking to dark things (like my soul) and I’m crazy like that) asking it to not repeat it! Well, the next night I didn’t sleep at all and just kept staring at the ceiling to find the culprit in action, but sadly nothing happened except for the part where I was sucked alive by the mosquitoes! And then a part of my brain wanted to thank that invisible source which was actually helping me sleep by not making me prey to the mosquitoes for the past couple of days! Nothing happened later. I ended up going to bed with the fan switched on so I wouldn’t be surprised in the morning!

And no, I don’t sleepwalk!

Do I believe in the paranormal?- I do but only after ruling out all logical possibilities! I have had first-hand experience with it (definitely not considering the above incident), so I do believe! Maybe, someday I’ll share my experience with you guys! And to all the skeptics out there, I’ve been on your end, and I completely respect your opinion! You do you.

TL/DR: This piece is based on a true story about the monster under my bed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Disclaimer – If you don’t like seeing pics that wouldn’t let you sleep, please do not proceed!


I had clicked this pic last year when the moonlight was seeping through my window. I badly wanted a picture of the moon through my window, I never knew I would be in for a surprise! Just keep in mind, it was around 4 in the morning and the house opposite mine is empty!

Well, it could just be my mind playing tricks or maybe not! You be the judge!

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