A poet’s muse

Do my lips taste like poetry
From poems that fill my heart,
And smell like old pages
From books of Sylvia Plath.
Do you hear whispers
With an English from the Gods,
Spilling haikus and sonnets
While shredding you to shards.
Do the way I trace fingers
Bleed ink onto your skin,
Where tattoos play the road map
Leading me to your sins.
Do you still wanna hold on
And hear me voice ’em out,
While we drench our dreams in kisses
Weaving a new one, every time!


Heya people! How have you all been? How’s the pandemic treating you? I know it’s been some time since I’ve been active, it’s just that I haven’t been in the right mental space. Also, I have my exams coming up in less than a month. So, it’s going to be quite some time till I become fully active here. I’m sorry, I missed reading all your tales. But, very soon I’ll catch up with all your posts. So, if you ever find a bunch of notifications popping from me, it’s just me casually stalking your posts to stay updated :p


16 thoughts on “A poet’s muse

    1. I know it’s kind of crazy. My exams got postponed earlier too and they finally announced the new schedule few days ago. Hope you don’t stress yourself out with the way the plans have turned upside down. Wishing you love and good health!❤️

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