I’m home

Where am I, again?
There’s mumbles under masks,
Hot water in flasks,
Where even waking up seems
Like an arduant task.
I can barely see their eye,
While they jump from bed to bed,
Soothing us with spells
Which is nothing but a lie.
I see them on their foot
Packed in white and blue,
Zooming here and there
Drenched in sweat and blood;
But, where am I?
I can’t feel a thing
But there’s so much pain,
They say there’s hope
And that is all I wish
For the ones that heal our heart
While masking all their fear!
Holding our hands
Boosting fallen spirits,
They lift us from the pain,
As we tread on thorny plains!
The monitors beep a line
And there’s so much rush around,
But, little did I know
I would finally be home,
For the ones who loved and cared
Can now have some rest!

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