How do I grieve

How do I grieve somebody else’s loss,
Of the ones I know and the ones I don’t;
Why does it still hurt, and hit close to home,
Though I lay safe under the comforts of my roof?
How do I tell ’em I know how it feels,
When mine would sway like a wind
While theirs would remain a raging storm!
How do I share their loss,
When all I do is hold ’em for a day
While they have to carry it all along?
How do I tell them to forget it all,
When their life would now
Sing a different song!
How I wish to help ’em heal,
When all I could is watch them weep!


Heya! Hope you’re all doing good! I know I’ve been quite inconsistent with my posts in the last couple of months, but I always keep an eye on the ones I follow. It’s been a year since one such blogger had gone missing. The said wise old man had never failed to impart his learnings to me through his comments, always making me understand life ain’t that hard for us to stay stranded all the time. He was 69 years young as on last year, yet he stayed active and connected. And I’ve been missing him lately! Hope he posts soon!

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