The other world

You know, at times I wonder,
If the world would be any different
If not for the rat race
With men chasing money, freedom and power;
Will people still continue to run,
Or would they do things
Just for the love of it
Where happiness doesn’t have to be chased?
Will everybody be blessed
With a healthy mind,
Or would they still need help
To fight themselves?
Will there be love
Without labels and tags,
Or would they break their hearts
Choosing love over respect?
Will there be kindness
Drizzled with empathy now,
Or would I still day dream
If the other world was better at all?!

19 thoughts on “The other world

  1. A world where everywhere put their heart into decisions and thought of others on the same level, as the Disney song says…A Whole New World. Alas lovely, man made greed and the need to lead always seems to corrupt the character of one heart….a world with communication, love and a woman’s touch would be a good start.🌹. A beautiful poem♥️

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